Indonesian electronic duo Soundwave release slick new single, ‘Automatic Restart’

The trap-flavoured single begins a slick new era for Rinni Wulandari and Jevin Julian

Indonesian electronic duo Soundwave have released a new single titled ‘Automatic Restart’.

The trap-flavoured single, issued today (November 11) on streaming platforms, is a buoyant and energetic track that emulates K-pop vocal cadences.

In ‘Automatic Restart’, vocalist Rinni Wulandari carefully alternates between singing and rapping over super-sized EDM production. The single is taken from Soundwave’s upcoming album ‘RE/SET’, which is due “Q3 2022”, per a press release.


‘Automatic Restart’ is the duo’s second release of the year following ‘Liberty’. Listen to it below.

‘RE/SET’ marks both a comeback and a new era for Soundwave. Producer Jevin Julian, who is also married to Wulandari, explained that their brief hiatus from recorded music stemmed from their marital union and time spent on their respective solo projects.

The new single is about “hitting reset and coming back with a fresher, bolder sound of our own”, Julian said, adding that it accompanies “a more badass image of us as an independent duo” compared to their earlier days.

Wulandari reflected that their hiatus has allowed them to gain “more experience as artists
and growing adults”.

“It’s the dawn of a new era and the beginning of everything else for Soundwave and we’re back to claim our musical thrones,” she added.


Soundwave formed when the duo met on music talent show The Remix in 2015. They debuted with the single ‘Salah’ in 2016 and released their first EP, ‘Peace’, in 2017. Last year, the duo released a cover of the Dewa 19 song, ‘Kamulah Satu Satunya’.

Earlier this year, Wulandari released her own solo album, ‘Skins’, which featured a collaboration with the rapper Willy Winarko.