Indonesian ex-footballer Bambang Pamungkas covers Pamungkas’ song ‘To The Bone’

Pamungkas does Pamungkas, as Pamungkas does

Indonesian celebrity ex-footballer Bambang Pamungkas has surprised his fans with an unlikely crossover – a cover of Indonesian musician Pamungkas’ song ‘To The Bone’.

The retired national footballer uploaded his acoustic take on the pop song on his Instagram Story on Monday (April 5). The musician responded by adding vocal harmony flourishes to the cover, posting the result on his own Instagram page.


In turn, Bambang heartily approved the tweaked cover and reposted it on Instagram.

‘To The Bone’ has enjoyed some virality on TikTok in recent weeks, due to a cover by user Hana Wilianto that unexpectedly hit millions of views. The song was originally released by Pamungkas on his 2019 album ‘Flying Solo’.

The song has since experienced a surge in numbers, topping Pamungkas’ Popular songs chart on Spotify, and notching over 52 million views on YouTube. Even Hana Wilianto came through with a full cover of the song, hitting over two million views with her hushed, dramatic take on the song.

In February, the singer released ‘Solipsism 0.2’, an ambitious rework of his 2020 album ‘Solipsism’. Aside from the sonic differences between the records, Pamungkas told NME that each release offers a unique and intimate side to him.


“The first version of the album is me being [a] crybaby in a way. Like I had all these feelings and this and that,” he explains. “But the second one is more of me stepping back and seeing things from the bigger picture.”

Last year, Pamungkas topped Indonesia’s Spotify Wrapped list as the most-streamed local artist.