Indonesian indie rock band Lightcraft release new single, ‘Life’

The taste of the band's fourth album

Indonesian indie rock band Lightcraft have released a new single, titled ‘Life’.

The song follows their 2020 single ‘Run Away’, which was a collaboration with Singaporean producer DSML. It is also the first taste of the band’s untitled fourth album.

Lightcraft adopt a straightforward synth-pop posture on ‘Life’, its decidedly ’80s nostalgia underpinned by the band’s optimistic lyrics. “It’s the embodiment of our collective hope on our future as a band and as human beings,” frontman Imam Surataruna said in a press statement.


“We’re four men in our 30s, but we still want to make a difference, make music, and do what makes us feel happy. We’ve accepted that because we still have hope, and we want to live with hope.”

‘Life’ features the production work of Iqbal MSSVKNTRL. Listen to the track below.

Lightcraft state in their press release that ‘Life’ is one of several songs they wrote during “a time of contemplation as the pandemic continues to rage on”.

Guitarist Fari Febrian added that ‘Life’ reflects the band’s current musical direction, which was previously distinguished by a pop-centric indie rock sound. “We’re pushing the boundaries, trying new things, and keeping an open mind. ‘Life’ is just the beginning,” he said.


Lightcraft was founded in 2005. A year later, they released their debut EP ‘The Modern Seasons’ and have followed it up with three full-length albums – ‘Losing Northern Lights’, 2014’s ‘Colours of Joy’, and 2019’s ‘Us Is All’ – and a second EP, 2017’s ‘Another Life’.

The band consists of Imam and Fari, along with Enrico Prabowo (keyboards) and Yopi Santosa (drums).

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