Indonesian metal band Avhath announce new songs ‘Felo De Se’ and ‘Hallowed Ground’

Both were produced by Alyuadi Febryansyah (aka Aldead), and are out next month

Indonesian metal band Avhath have announced that they will be releasing two new tracks next month: ‘Felo De Se’ and ‘Hallowed Ground’.

Both songs were produced by Alyuadi Febryansyah or Aldead, who’s known for his work as a member of the bands Heals and Fuzzy, I. He was given the task of bringing a “sweet and harmonious touch” to Avhath’s usual doom and gloom, vocalist Ekrig told NME.

‘Felo De Se’ and ‘Hallowed Ground’ will be the first new material from Avhath since their 2019 EP ‘The Avhath Rites’. The first single from that release, ‘The Annual Horrors’, won the band an AMI Award for Best Metal Production Work.


Hear a snippet of Avhath’s new music below:



The songs were initially set to be released in June 2020, Ekrig added, but the COVID-19 pandemic and ensuing lockdown changed their plans. Avhath and Aldead then continued to work together via Zoom.

“We had limited resources, but in the end we managed to got through with the help of technology and bedroom recording,” said Ekrig. “We also plan to release a video of how we recorded the songs in my room, showing how clothes were able to muffle any sounds we made.”


Mastering was done by Alan Douches from New York’s West Side Studio. Ekrig said that the band looked for a sound engineer who had worked with Converge, their favourite band, and Douches’ name came up. “The process was quick, it only took one revision and then it was all done,” he said.

Avhath’s new songs will feature the restlessness and refusal to conform the Jakarta band are known for. “In our views, too many things are better left deserted. Just because they have been the accepted norms or even cultures, and so we are often forced to follow through even though they’re not in our nature,” Ekrig said. “Avhath’s songs are mostly in the theme of anxieties of living in a society.”

Watch Avhath “collaging” ‘Felo De Se’ and ‘Hallowed Ground’ in a behind-the-scenes video below:

Ekrig also told NME that Avhath is interested in working with Remedy Waloni, singer and guitarist of indie rock band The Trees and the Wild, on future material.

“I adore him as a musician. Any sound structure he chose and for whatever project, somehow he could produce gritty and dark sounds in a harmonious way. He would be perfect for Avhath,” Ekrig said.