Indonesian metal band Burgerkill appear to tease lineup change

Following vocalist Vicky Mono's departure from the band

Veteran Indonesian metal band Burgerkill appear to be teasing a change in their lineup in cryptic social media posts.

On Saturday (August 28), Burgerkill posted on Instagram a picture of the band with a mystery member standing in the foreground, with their features blacked out.


Burgerkill made cryptic reference to “new components” in the band and a “new era” in their caption.

A translation of the caption reads: “If there are components that are out of alignment and can’t find a solution, just look for new components while enjoying the integration process. Keeping the spirit, vision and continuity of the band is far more important.”

The band also wrote: “No time for drama, problem solved! See you in the new era, thank you for the old era for all the experiences and lessons.”

The following day, Burgerkill shared an image of the band onstage, with some of their members’ identities obscured by stage lighting. “Coming soon,” they wrote in the caption.

The posts have fuelled speculation that Burgerkill have parted ways with long-serving vocalist Vicky Mono. On August 21, Addy Gembel, the vocalist of death metal band Forgotten, claimed in a tweet that Mono had left Burgerkill and vocalist Daniel Mardhany had split from DeadSquad. A few days later, DeadSquad officially confirmed Mardhany’s departure from the band.


Vicky Mono himself has appeared to confirm that he is no longer with the band, sharing on his Instagram story yesterday headlines that call him an ex-member of Burgerkill. Last Friday, the vocalist shared his debut solo single, ‘Sang Putra Fajar’.

A representative of Suarahgaloka Musik, which is releasing Vicky Mono’s new material, confirmed to NME that he is no longer a member of Burgerkill.

NME has reached out to Burgerkill for comment.

Some fans speculated that ex-DeadSquad vocalist Daniel Mardhany would join Burgerkill as their new vocalist after Mardhany shared a photo of himself in the studio with members of Burgerkill.

However, Mardhany then clarified that he is going to start a new band, and that he was happy to be able to jam with Burgerkill members as their late vocalist Ivan Scumbag was one of his biggest influences.

Vicky Mono has been a part of Burgerkill since 2007, when he took over from founding vocalist Ivan Scumbag, who died in 2006. Mono has released three albums with Burgerkill to date – 2011’s ‘Venomous’, 2018’s ‘Adamantine’ and last year’s ‘Killchestra’.

Burgerkill guitarists Ebenz and Agung Hellfrog are set to perform with veteran Indonesian rock band God Bless for the latter’s 48th anniversary celebrations today (August 31).