Indonesian metal veterans DeadSquad announce new album, ‘Catharsis’

Due for release on February 25, the album will include recent single 'Curse Of The Black Plague'

Indonesian metal band DeadSquad have announced a new album, ‘Catharsis’.

The album will be released on Friday, February 25, per the band’s announcement post on social media. It will feature a total of nine tracks, including the previously released ‘Curse Of The Black Plague’.

The album will also feature two guitar solos from veteran metal guitarists, Vogg from Polish death metal act Decapitated, and Eet Sjahranie from Indonesian metal band Edane.


The band also previewed ‘The Black Triangle’ in their announcement post. The snippet hears vocalist Augustinus Widi’s chilling guttural vocals against a furiously picked guitar riff and blistering double bass kicks. Check it out below:

‘Catharsis’ marks the first album that DeadSquad will release with new vocalist Augustinus Widi, who replaced longtime frontman Daniel Mardhany in August last year. In October, the band shared their new track from the album, ‘Curse Of The Black Plague’.

DeadSquad have most recently collaborated with Indonesian singer-songwriter Isyana Sarasvati on a heavy version of the latter’s track, ‘Il Sogno’. The rework, which blended DeadSquad’s extreme brand of metal with Sarasvati’s operatic arrangement, received a chilling music video in late January.

In July, the band shared a new single, ‘Paranoid Skizoid’, said to have been the first taste of a new album titled ‘Omeg4litikum’.


The tracklist for DeadSquad’s album ‘Catharsis’ is:

  1. ‘Down With The Faceless’
  2. ’21 Vultures’ featuring Vogg
  3. ‘Augmented Devastation’
  4. ‘Slave To The God Of Agony’
  5. ‘The Black Triangle’
  6. ‘Funeral Carnival’
  7. ‘Catharsis’
  8. ‘Murder’ featuring Eet Sjahranie
  9. ‘Curse Of The Black Plague’