Indonesian politician designs batik shirts and blazers for SUPER JUNIOR members Leeteuk and Yesung

Ridwan Kamil, the governor of West Java, declared the K-pop idols "officially ready" for "weddings" or "elections" in Indonesia

SUPER JUNIOR’s Leeteuk and Yesung have taken to Instagram to show off their new batik shirts and blazers, designed by an Indonesian politician: Ridwan Kamil, who is the governor of West Java.

The two K-pop idols shared their respective posts on the social media platform yesterday (Monday, May 24), followed by a post from Ridwan Kamil hours later thanking the pair.

“You are now officially ready for ‘pergi kondangan‘ [to attend a wedding] or ‘ikut pilkada‘ [join the elections] in Indonesia,” the politician declared.


“Let’s keep the spirit up to make Indonesian batik go international,” he added. “I’m using it for cultural diplomacy.”


Leeteuk thanked the politician for the gift and showed love to both Western Java and Indonesia on Instagram.

Yesung shared a caption written in Indonesian that translates to “Is it suitable for me? Thanks to #RidwanKamil who designed this batik.”


The politician has been designing batik patterns since 2017, per a Kompas report, even exhibiting his work in Bandung, where he was mayor from 2013 to 2018.

Earlier this year, SUPER JUNIOR released their tenth studio album, ‘The Renaissance’, after a series of delays that pushed the album’s release from its initial December 2020 launch window. The album also featured previously released single ‘The Melody’ and a music video for ‘House Party’.