Indonesian pop punk band Pee Wee Gaskins share new single ‘Summer Fling’

Their first original song of the year following a rework of ‘The Art Of High School Break-Up’

Indonesian pop punk band Pee Wee Gaskins have released a new single, ‘Summer Fling’.

The track arrived on streaming platforms on Friday (June 25) alongside an accompanying lyric video. ‘Summer Fling’ features punchy guitar riffs, tight percussion and bright keyboard arrangements.

‘Summer Fling’ also features additional vocals and songwriting credits from lead singer Alditsa “Dochi” Sadega’s younger sister, Alexandra Ronodipuro.


Listen to ‘Summer Fling’ below.


“This song is about being stuck in a relationship and then finally letting go and feeling out again alone, enjoying all the possibilities that could happen. The point is, about freedom and the pursuit of happiness,” said Dochi via a press release.

‘Summer Fling’ is the pop punk quintet’s second single of the year, following April 2021’s rework of their 2008 song ‘The Art Of High School Break-Up’. The rework was recorded to celebrate the 14th anniversary of their mini album ‘Stories From Our High School Years’.

Prior to the release of ‘Summer Fling’ and ‘The Art Of High School Break-Up’, the band’s last release came in the form of their 2019 album ‘Mixed Feeling’, which featured songs such as ‘Amuk Redam’, ‘Ikut Aku Ke Bulan’ and ‘Lonely Boys, Lonely Girls’.


Pee Wee Gaskins first formed in 2007 in Jakarta, Indonesia. To date, the band has released four studio albums and two EPs.