Indonesian rapper Rayi Putra collaborates with Laze for new track ‘LAGI?’

"Through 'LAGI?', I hope that hip-hop in Indonesia can be less niche and more mainstream”

Indonesian rapper Rayi Putra has teamed up with fellow artist Laze for his latest single titled ‘LAGI?’.

The track, which dropped last Friday (June 25), focuses on the narrative of someone being taken for granted in a relationship. In a press release, Rayi said the song is about giving “almost everything – time, money, everything – for their lover, but nothing seems to be enough; they always ask for more”.

Indonesian director Gilbert March helmed the music video for ‘LAGI?’, which stars actress Enzy Stori as Rayi’s partner in a fraught relationship. Watch it here:


‘LAGI?’ is the first collaboration between Rayi and Laze, longtime friends who have wanted to work together for a long time but were waiting for the “right beat”. They’ve finally united over a beat by Marcc, a 16-year-old producer from Malaysia.

Rayi hopes that the release of ‘LAGI?’ will help hip-hop music gain more traction in his home country. “This genre still cannot be juxtaposed with pop music especially. Through the song ‘LAGI?’, I hope that hip-hop in Indonesia can be less niche and more mainstream,” the 34-year-old said.

Rayi launched his music career in 2006 along with fellow artists Anindyo Baskoro and Asta Andoko under the group RAN. The pop alternative group released their debut album ‘RAN For Your Life’ two years later, which catapulted them to fame.

He began his solo work in 2017, releasing the EP titled ‘The Introduction’ and has since came out with more singles like ‘Copycat’ and ‘Apa Kabar’.

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