Indonesian rock band Naif break up after departure of bassist and drummer

As confirmed by vocalist David Bayu Danangjaya following the exit of bassist Emil Hussein and drummer Pepeng

Indonesian rock group Naif have broken up, according to frontman David Bayu Danangjaya.

As reported by CNN Indonesia, the vocalist confirmed that the band have called it quits.

This news comes after reports that their long-serving bassist Emil Hussein and drummer Pepeng had parted ways from the band since the second half of 2020.


Music journalist Wendi Putranto reported the news of Naif’s disbandment on his Twitter account, complete with a picture of himself with Bayu, who is said to release further details soon.

Emil revealed his and Pepeng’s split from the band in an interview with Medcom ID’s Shindu’s Scoop segment on Sunday (May 8). “Since September last year I had already left [Naif], I said goodbye to the kids. But there was no urgency to announce something [about the departure],” he said.

“Naif is beyond music for me,” he added. “Never mind the personnel, and the crew too. Every time there’s an event, that’s my place to have fun. I don’t care about the stage anymore, meeting the kids and the crew is a place to relieve stress. When the pandemic came, I reset what I wanted to do in Naif.”

He also added that drummer Pepeng, real name Franki Indrasmoro Sumbodo, had also decided to leave the band.


“When I do something, it must have a meaning. At the time it was gone, why should this be left to linger? Twenty-five years is enough, it’s more elegant for me to say goodbye than staying when it doesn’t matter. A few weeks later, Pepeng pulled out.”

Watch the interview below.


Emil also said his decision to leave the band came after lengthy consideration, adding that he is currently focusing on his various businesses in the fields of culinary arts and footwear, among others.

Elsewhere in interview, the bassist touched on the friendships formed in the band over the span of two decades, tales from behind the scenes, and his experiences writing Naif songs such ‘Air dan Api’ (‘Water and Fire’), ‘Nyali’ (‘Guts’), and ‘Karena Kamu Cuma Satu’ (‘Because You Are Only One’).

Vocalist David Bayu Danangjaya had previously brushed aside rumours of the band breaking up.

“We are not doing anything for now or have met [in person] either, but just [had] meetings through Zoom. So, for the moment we are inactive,” he told Shindu’s Scoop in February.


Naif, which also includes guitarist Fajar Endra Taruna Mangkudisastro, released 11 studio albums over the course of their career, starting with their self-titled debut in 1998. Their last album ‘7 Bidadari’ (‘7 Angels’) was released in 2017.