Indonesian singer-songwriter Gangga shares poignant single ‘Whiskey Bottle’

The 'Blue Jeans' musician will release his debut album in August

Indonesian singer-songwriter Gangga has dropped a poignant new single ‘Whiskey Bottle’.

The song was released on major streaming services on Friday (June 25) and arrives ahead of his upcoming debut album due in August.

Gangga – full name Gangga Kusuma – noted the song was inspired by personal experience.


“At first, I thought ‘Whiskey Bottle’ was sort of my sweet escape throughout my healing process [from heartbreak], yet I was wrong. It turns out that the special thing is not the object, but the woman itself,” he said in a press statement.

“That was how I felt while I’m writing the lyrics. There was a strong feeling toward this specified person which potentially defeated other things, even feelings, in me. I have traveled far which made me realise that the song is me. In fact, through the song, I only see her in it.”

Listen to ‘Whiskey Bottle’ below.

Gangga teamed up with Petra Sihombing in the production and songwriting process of ‘Whiskey Bottle’. He also collaborated with Mohammed Kamga, who served as his vocal director.

“I think I learned so many things from both Petra and Kamga, as a musician and songwriter,” he reflected. “Then, right after I listened to the final song, I felt very satisfied with the result.”


The new track follows the melancholic ballad ‘Forever’, which he released in March.

The Surabaya-born musician released his first single ‘Don’t’ in 2019. In June last year, Gangga released his second single ‘Blue Jeans’, which went viral on TikTok.