Indonesian singer-songwriter Inis shares soulful new single, ‘Buskers!’

It’s the second preview of her upcoming EP ‘Topsyturvydom’

Indonesian singer-songwriter Inis has released a new single entitled ‘Buskers!’.

The track was released on major streaming platforms today (August 25) via Sun Eater. ‘Buskers!’ features bright electric guitars alongside a flourish of soft keys and synths, trumpets, saxophones, and light percussions.

Listen to the soulful single below.


On Instagram, Inis — full name Inis Sahib — shared more about the track’s theme, saying that it should serve as a form of encouragement to anyone who feels the urgency to give up their passions in order to survive.

“I hope that at the end of life, we can all leave this world with a happy smile because we have spent time wisely. Because all dreams are worth fighting for,” reads a translation of her caption.

She goes on to dedicate the song anyone who is “still harboring their talents, almost giving up on their dreams for whatever reason”.

The musician also revealed on Twitter that the track is the second taste of a new EP, ‘Topsyturvydom’. A release date for the EP has yet to be announced. The first preview of the project comes in the form of ‘Animal’, which she released earlier in the year.


Sahib made her debut in 2019 with the EP ‘Mood Hacks’. She followed the release with a string of singles, ultimately culminating in a second EP entitled ‘2020’ at the end of last year.