Indonesian singer-songwriter Jebung releases tender single, ‘20’

The viral TikToker-turned-artist addresses the anxiety of transitioning into adulthood

Indonesian singer-songwriter Jebung has issued a new single, ‘20’.

The song was released last Friday (September 17) as her latest effort following ‘Cassava’, which dropped in April.

‘20’ sees the young musician face the inevitable: bidding farewell to her childhood. It’s a coming-of-age ballad that Jebung fills with fearful questions about the future.


The song is mournful about the past and cautious about the future, but the music video – directed by Difizckal Satriatama – ends on a decisively melancholic note. Watch the clip below.

Last night (September 22), Jebung – real name Jessica Bunga – also premiered a performance video for ‘20’, which sees the singer-songwriter rework the song with a sparse a cappella arrangement.

Jebung utilises an iPad to creatively loop her own vocals, forming an angelic choir of vocal harmonies. Watch it below.

In an Instagram post, Bunga called ‘20’ an important song in her life. “I have grown to be a better person because of the process of making this song,” she wrote.


‘Cassava’ marked Bunga’s debut as a singer-songwriter, after first gaining virality on TikTok for her covers.

Among them was Bunga’s take on Katy Perry’s ‘Dark Horse’, which has received over 25million likes to date.