Indonesian singer-songwriter Rasyiqa debuts with single ‘Reckless’

The pop-rock track features production from Cellosux and Lomba Sihir's Wisnu Ikhsantam

Indonesian singer-songwriter Rasyiqa has released her debut single, titled ‘Reckless’.

The track arrived on streaming platforms today (September 6). ‘Reckless’ was influenced by the punk-infused pop sounds of the 2000s, with Rasyiqa saying in a press release that that era has had “the biggest impact on my life.”

Listen to ‘Reckless’ below.


The track – co-written by Rasyiqa and up-and-coming Indonesian musician Cellosux – touches upon the tumultuous feelings of romance, and “trying to be a perfect person” for a partner.

Rasyiqa said of the track: “I guess what I’m trying to convey through this song is we all have this side of us – that has ambitions, interests, and tiny fears that we drag from time to time. Having to question things, being confused, having thoughts, until the actual answer is avoided. But life is like that, isn’t it?”

The press release reveals that Rasyiqa originally wrote and recorded ‘Reckless’ on her phone in October last year. Later on, she reworked it with collaborators virtually over messaging platform Discord.

The track features performances, production, and songwriting credits from several notable Indonesian musicians. Singer-songwriter Sade Susanto contributed to the first verse, while Hindia’s and Lomba Sihir’s Wisnu Ikhsantam provided additional production.

“There’s going to be a time when you will fall in love, a time where you feel sad, miserable, helpless – but despite the situation, you can move on or get over it when you feel like it,” she continued.


Rasyiqa is currently working on new material, although firm dates for upcoming releases have yet to be announced.