Indonesian synth-pop band Goodnight Electric release new single ‘Eraluka’

It soundtracks a 14-minute documentary by the band about a breakdancer

Indonesian synth-pop band Goodnight Electric have released a new single titled ‘Eraluka’.

The catch ‘Eraluka’ demonstrates many of the band’s strengths: propulsive basslines, starry synths, and airy guitars. It is their latest release since ‘Tamat’, which is their first single off their upcoming fourth record.

The single, which arrived earlier today (October 8) on digital platforms, is the soundtrack single to a documentary by the band, titled Menembus Ingatan (Eraluka).


For the 14-minute short film, the band decided to turn the spotlight on Dody, an Indonesian “arts and culinary enthusiast” who also happens to be a breakdancer.

The short includes an interview with Dody, where he shares his passion for street dance and its history in Indonesia. A segment where Dody dances to ‘Eraluka’ begins at 7:56. Watch it below.

Last year, the band released their third album ‘Misteria’, which was their first album in over a decade. The album spawned three singles: ‘VCR’, ‘Erotika’, and ‘Dopamin’.

‘Tamat’ was issued in November 2020, when the band announced that they have completed new material for their fourth album. It was also the first in the band’s catalogue to be sung fully by vocalist Priscilla Jamail, who joined the band last year.


Goodnight Electric’s debut album ‘Love and Turbo Action’ was released in 2004, followed by ‘Electroduce Yourself’ in 2007.

The band started out as a three-piece group comprising Bondi Goodboy, Henry Foundation, and Oomleo, who all performed on synths and vocals. In early 2020, the band roped in Jamail, Vicent Rompies (bass), Andi Hans (guitar) to expand the group into a six-piece.