Intriguant releases ‘Spirits’ remix album featuring Kin Leonn, Halal Sol and more

A reimagining of the Singaporean electronic producer’s 2020 album

Singaporean electronic producer Intriguant has released ‘Spirits Remixes’, a reimagining of his 2020 album ‘Spirits’ featuring artists from Singapore and elsewhere in Asia.

The album features ‘Spirits’ tracks reworked by Singaporean artists Kin Leonn, Halal Sol, Kiat, Jema, The Analog Girl, Kiat, Bongomann, along with Malaysia’s Rempit Goddess, Japan’s Fujimoto Tetsuro, and more.

Listen to ‘Spirits Remixes’ below.


The original release of ‘Spirits’ explored ’90s breakbeats and bass. The remixed album, on the other hand, showcases the versatility of the featured artists. House artist Bongomann infuses a generous portion of balearic charm to the title track, while Rempit Goddess carefully deconstructs the manic soul of ‘Faraway’ with industrial vigour.

Earlier this year, Intriguant released the stems to album single ‘Your Love’, offering anyone the chance to remix the song.

The producer subsequently unveiled seven remixes by Singaporean producer Claude Glass, Myanmar-based Heft, Elek and Tommy from Vietnam, Moebius from Indonesia, and Haunted Ghost from the US.

In NME’s three-star review of ‘Spirits’, writer MC Galang wrote that the album is “a dance record in the traditional sense: it borrows generously from the irresistible repetition of house music, the bounce of UK garage and the nostalgic charm of a ’90s MTV Party To Go mix, with its breakbeats and pop inflections.”