Intriguant shares hypnotising music video for ‘Your Love’

Starring a dancer who brings empty and lifeless spaces back to life with movement and energy

Singaporean DJ and producer Intriguant has dropped a hypnotising music video for his single ‘Your Love’.

The video centres on a woman dancing alone in an empty concrete jungle as lights flash and smoke billows. It was premiered by MixMag Asia late last week (March 4).

‘Your Love’ is taken from the producer’s third studio album ‘Spirits’, which was released Last November. Watch its music video below.


“The video marks a space and time where the world has become uncontrollable, and irreversible, and has resulted in unforeseeable changes in human civilisation,” Intriguant, real name Louis Quek, said in a press statement.

“Our heroine explores this empty and lifeless world and generates energy in spaces to bring them back to life. Though abandoned by humans, they are occupied by light, by movement, by the experience of her movement.”

Besides the release of the video, Intriguant also shared remixes of ‘Your Love’ by a number of producers from around the world.

The seven remixes include reworks by Myanmar-based Heft, Elek and Tommy from Vietnam, Moebius from Indonesia, and Haunted Ghost from the US.

Intriguant’s compatriots Claude Glass, Barren Sector, and btcprox also contributed remixed versions of the track. Check out the remix collection on Bandcamp here.


The remixes came about after Intriguant released the stems of ‘Your Love’ in February, allowing anyone to put their own spin on the song.

‘Spirits’ was released on November 20 via TAV Records and, like the single ‘Your Love’, explores ’90s breakbeats and bass. The 10-track album also received a three-star rating in a review by NME.

“‘Spirits’ is, for the most part, a dance record in the traditional sense: it borrows generously from the irresistible repetition of house music, the bounce of UK garage and the nostalgic charm of a ’90s MTV Party To Go mix, with its breakbeats and pop inflections,” NME writer MC Galang wrote.

Intriguant’s debut album ‘Recluse’ released in 2017, and was followed by his second album ‘Kindred’ in 2019.

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