IU says she thought ‘Ganadara’ had “been killed” because Jay Park took “so long” to release it

"Why did it take so long? I really want to know why!" she asked Jay Park

IU has revealed that she thought ‘Ganadara’, her collaboration with Jay Park, would never come out because of how long it took to be released.

During the latest episode of the singer-songwriter’s YouTube talk show IU’s Palette, which featured Jay Park as the guest star guest on her show, the duo spoke about the recent release of their new single ‘Ganadara’. The song is notably the first release under Park’s newly launched label More Vision.

“It’s been two years now since we met at the recording studio,” IU pointed out in reference to the newly released ‘Ganadara’. “Why did it take so long? I really want to know why! We recorded it to years ago.”


She then teased Park for taking so long to release the song, saying that she thought her vocals were going to be removed from the final version of the track. “‘I must’ve been cut because my recording wasn’t good enough’, that’s what I thought,” she said.

However, Park explained that this was not what happened. “We completed it in 2020, right? We even did the mixing two years ago,” he recalled. “I wanted to release it at the right time, when I could prepare for it properly and have the [right] time and condition for it.”

Park then noted that he eventually realised ‘Ganadara’ would be the perfect song to launch his new label, More Vision. “Even though it’s been two years, the song doesn’t feel old at all. I think it was smart to save it,” he said.

“Honestly, for two years I’ve been thinking, ‘It must’ve been killed, it won’t come out’,” IU added. “But I also feel that this is the perfect time to release it. It suits perfectly with the weather. March is when spring begins [so] I’m very delighted and happy that the song came out at this time.”


Jasy Park established More Vision earlier this month, less than two months after he stepped down as CEO of both AOMG and H1GHR Music, two labels which he had founded in the 2010s. However, Park noted that he will “remain as an advisor for both labels and we will continue to be a family and a crew”.

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