IV of Spades’ Zild Benitez releases debut solo album, ‘Homework Machine’

Written and recorded during quarantine

Zild Benitez, widely known as Zild, released his debut solo album last Thursday (August 6).

Titled ‘Homework Machine’, the 10-track effort was written and recorded during quarantine. Released via Warner Music Philippines, the album presents a different side to the IV of Spades frontman.

Comprising entirely of indie-pop tunes with strong chiptune undercurrents, ‘Homework Machine’ began as a self-contained project, produced as the musician kept himself isolated amidst the pandemic. Stream it below:


“The idea of the record is to use childish/chiptune sounds while writing about the experiences and stories I’ve been imagining that I’m having during quarantine,” Zild told Scout.

“Just like any homework, I made a deadline for this record and the goal was to release it after three months of making it. It’s literally just a snapshot of my life. I guess it’s also another way to keep myself sane during self-isolation.”

The album’s release was accompanied by a music video for ‘habulan’, which features the artist in a 8-bit cartoon setting. Watch it below:

The album isn’t the only project Zild worked on during lockdown. IV of Spades released a music video for ‘Sariling Multo (Sa Panaginip)’ back in April, which was shot in the band members’ respective homes.

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