Watch the exciting cinematic for Jackson Wang’s ‘League of Legends’ track ‘Fire to the Fuse’

Wang will perform the track at the 'League of Legends' World Championships opening ceremony this weekend

Jackson Wang has recently released ‘Fire to the Fuse’, a collaborative track between 88Rising and League of Legends.

Wang’s latest track, released yesterday (November 3), was accompanied by a cinematic that tells the story of League of Legends‘ Empyrean universe. In it, one version of Pyke travels across the multiverse to kill other versions of himself before destroying their respective universes.

And this is not a warning / This is not a test / I’m zeroed in on you and I’m coming for the rest,” Wang sings at the end of the track.


According to a press release from game developer Riot Games, ‘Fire to the Fuse’ serves as the theme song for League of LegendsEmpyrean skin line, which was also released at the same time as the track.

Wang is set to perform ‘Fire to the Fuse’ live for the first time at the League of Legends World Championship opening ceremony. The ceremony, happening at San Francisco’s Chase Center on November 5, will see Wang performing alongside rapper Lil Nas X and singers Edda Hayes and Louis Leibfried.

The League of Legends World Championship will be streamed live via, and through Riot Games’ YouTube and Twitch channels.

Prior to the release of ‘Fire to the Fuse’, Wang’s most recent music endeavour was the release of ‘Magic Man’, his second full-length album as a soloist. That record featured 10 tracks, including pre-release singles ‘Blow’, ‘Cruel’ and ‘Blue’, all of which received accompanying video treatments.

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