James Reid meets different sides of himself in ‘Hello’ music video

The light-hearted video reflects the Filipino artist's recent journey of “personal introspection”

Filipino R&B singer James Reid has released a goofy new music video for his latest single ‘Hello’.

The music video for ‘Hello’ was uploaded onto YouTube on Saturday (August 14), two months after the track was first released. The quirky Gab Valenciano-directed video sees multiple personalities of Reid’s come together to party.

The video begins with Reid – sporting an impressive moustache – waking up and proceeding with his morning routine. In the course of his day, he runs into several alternate versions of himself, all with different personalities and styles.


Check out the music video for ‘Hello’ below.

Reid further explained the video’s theme in its official description, saying that he has “learned to dive into the depths of personal introspection” after spending time in isolation during the ongoing pandemic.

“It’s truly beautiful knowing and experiencing TRUE GROWTH – a growth that’s only birthed within. Our minds are infinite in so many ways, and learning how to tap into that is ULTIMATE FREEDOM,” he added.

‘Hello’ remains James Reid’s most recent release, following ‘Soda’ in January and ‘Crazy’ in May. ‘Soda’ received a futuristic music video while ‘Crazy’ received a live performance video.


In April, he released a remix of Yuna’s December 2020 single ‘Dance Like Nobody’s Watching’, which features an original verse written and performed by Reid.

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