Japanese quartet CHAI share new synth-pop single ‘miniskirt’

Following their recent collaboration with Duran Duran

Japanese indie band CHAI have released a bright new single titled ‘miniskirt’.

The song – released yesterday (August 25) – is currently only available via Adult Swim as part of its ongoing singles series. It is currently unclear if or when the track will arrive on major streaming platforms.

‘miniskirt’ further explores the band’s foray into the electronic-leaning sound that they featured on their most recent album ‘WINK’. ‘miniskirt’ combines bright synths, pillowy beats, and a hypnotizing guitar solo with the group’s trademark vocals.


Listen to ‘miniskirt’ below.

The release of ‘miniskirt’ follows the release of ‘MORE JOY’ earlier this month. ‘MORE JOY’ is the Japanese band’s collaboration with Duran Duran for the latter’s upcoming 12th studio album, ‘FUTURE PAST’.

Outside of ‘miniskirt’ and ‘MORE JOY’, CHAI’s most recent work has been their third studio album ‘WINK’, which released in May.

In an interview with NME to promote ‘WINK’, the band shared more about their divergence from their previous guitar-driven sound: “We always want to excite ourselves, and become the CHAI that no one’s ever seen,” said Yuuki.

Mana chimed in to briefly talk about the group’s musical direction in the future: “Genres don’t matter – as long as it’s cool”.


The record received a glowing four-star review from NME. “CHAI’s latest album might arrive just as the world begins to open up, but it will continue to dole out reassurance and relief long after the pandemic era has finally come to an end,” said NME’s Rhian Daly.