Watch JARV IS… cover The Velvet Underground and The Fall classics during special Barbican set

Jarvis Cocker and his band performed in the new Barbican exhibition 'Michael Clark: Cosmic Dancer'

JARV IS… performed an exclusive set at the Barbican in London recently to mark the opening of a new exhibition — check out their livestreamed performance in full below.

Jarvis Cocker‘s band, who released their debut album ‘Beyond The Pale’ back in July, delivered a “musical response” to the Barbican’s new ‘Cosmic Dancer’ exhibition — which celebrates the acclaimed dancer and choreographer Michael Clark — with the performance.

Their set included covers of the The Velvet Underground’s ‘Venus In Furs’ and The Fall’s ‘Big New Prinz’, as well as a newly arranged version of Cocker’s ‘“Further Complications.”’. JARV IS… also played ‘House Music All Night Long’ from ‘Beyond the Pale’.


Playing while surrounded by Charles Atlas’s newly-commissioned immersive film installation A Prune Twin (2020), the recreated set of Clark’s collaboration with The Fall for ‘I Am Curious, Orange’ (1988) and Sarah Lucas’s installations Tits in Space and Cnut, you can watch JARV IS…’s “musical response” below.

Filmed by Andy Hui, this Barbican commission is also available to view for free via the Barbican’s website and will remain online for the foreseeable future.

Speaking about the Clark exhibition, Cocker said in a statement: “Take a look for yourself. Walk around, and slowly it will start to dawn on you, as it did on me: Dance is the language of the human body. And nobody speaks it better than Michael Clark.”

Last month, JARV IS… launched their own strain of tea and a ‘Beyond The Pale’ jigsaw puzzle as part of new line of band merchandise.

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