JAY B says his “attention” is currently on his solo career instead of GOT7

"But it suddenly occurred to me that I should think more about things for myself"

JAY B has said that he is aiming to “pay more attention” to his solo career instead of the his boyband GOT7.

The singer recently spoke to Dazed Korea about the importance of honesty, but more specifically about how it was crucial for him to be more honest with himself moving forward in his career. “Before I joined H1GHR MUSIC, I honestly thought about the seven GOT7 members more than I thought about myself,” he said, as translated by Soompi

“But it suddenly occurred to me that I should think more about things for myself,” JAY B added. “I also thought that I should love myself more. Now, I want to be honest while also being relaxed with myself.”


The singer then noted that for him there has been a change in mindset regarding GOT7 and the group’s future. JAY B said that he used to put it upon himself to have GOT7 remain “active no matter what”, but now feels that if the group are unable to do something even after trying their best then “there’s nothing [they] can do about it.”

“If it doesn’t work out, I’ll feel really sorry to our fans, but I hope they know how hard we tried,” JAY B explained. “Right now, I need to do my best for my album and pay more attention to it.”

Earlier this year, JAY B had expressed hopes that GOT7 would release one album a year as a group. His statement had followed the boyband’s departure from longtime agency JYP Entertainment in January.

JAY B is set to release his solo debut album arrive next month. According to his agency H1GHR Music, the record will feature various guest artists from a wide-range of genres in order to showcase a different side of JAY B as a solo artist.

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