FORCEPARKBOIS’ ‘Lotus’ gets Korean remix featuring Jay Park, JAY B, pH-1 and more

"Respect to FORCEPARKBOIS from Johor Bahru / H1GHR Music, hip-hop, we connected by the booth," Jay Park raps

Malaysian rap crew FORCEPARKBOIS‘ breakout single ‘Lotus’ has gotten a remix by a slew of Korean rappers, including Jay Park, JAY B and pH-1.

The collaboration, which was teased by Park’s record label H1GHR Music mere hours before the track dropped at midnight today (December 8), sees Park, JMIN, BIG Naughty, pH-1, TRADE L, Woodie Gochild, JAY B, and Park Hyeon-jin joining forces with the Johor Bahru crew on yet another remix of ‘Lotus’.

A music video accompanying the track was also released on H1GHR Music’s YouTube page, showing the Korean guest stars performing in what looks like an office awash with red light.


Park opens the remix by giving a shoutout to FORCEPARKBOIS and Southeast Asia in general: “Respect to FORCEPARKBOIS from Johor Bahru / H1GHR Music, hip-hop, we connected by the booth / I got love for my Southeast Asians / They hate, we fight back, fuck intimidation, we stationed / We flying high like a kite, we unite, Asian pride, roll it up, lotus lotus!

Watch it here:


This is the fourth all-star remix of ‘Lotus’ so far, which has been embraced by rappers across the region.

The Malaysian remix released April featured Dinho, Ichu, Offgrid and SonaOne, among others, and was soon followed by a Singaporean remix featuring Fariz Jabba, Akeem Jahat, OmarKENOBI, YHB Sleepsalot, Khally and more.


Brunei’s rappers came together for a remix, too, with Swanz, Vandalisma, MZL, Nuuz0l, Supahmiyagi and more contributing verses. Malaysian rapper Zamaera would later get in on the action with her own solo remix of the track.

FORCEPARKBOIS have released five new tracks this year, including ‘Ultra’ and ‘SHEESSH FLOW’. The latter marked the group’s major label debut for Warner Music Malaysia.