Listen to Jess Connelly’s new album, ‘Bittersweet’

Featuring previously released singles ‘Better’, ‘Never’ and ‘2AM’, and more

Jess Connelly has released her sophomore album, ‘Bittersweet’. 

Released on November 10, the 11-track release features multiple singles the Filipino R&B singer has been releasing over the last two years, including ‘Chatter’ from October 2020, ‘Risk’ from April 2021, ‘Over You’ from August 2021, ‘Better’, which was released in June, ‘Never’, which was released in July, and ‘2AM’, which was released earlier this month.

The album heavily features production by frequent collaborator Lustabass, alongside the work of other producers including ‘Risk’ producer (and rapper) P-Lo, ‘Never’ producers Dre Eazy, Larce Blake, and VSN, Ervin Garcia, and more.


Listen to the album below.

Following the album’s release, Connelly also released the official music video for ‘2AM’. The dreamy clip sees her performing the song as a silhouette, in front of various backdrops, or while being driven around a city.

Watch the video for ‘2AM’ below.

Coinciding with the album’s release, the singer also performed a headlining concert which featured performances from Jason Dhakal and DJ sets from Butta B, Lustabass and Alexandra.


In September, Connelly released the collaborative single ‘WISH U WERE HERE’ with Dhakal, which also featured production from Luis Villanueva. In 2020, she released the non-album single ‘EXPECT’, and a year prior, she released the EP ‘ATM’, which featured the single ‘hooked / good lover’.

Jess Connelly released her debut album ‘JCON’ in 2018, which also featured P-Lo and Lustabass, alongside other artists including Japanese rapper Awich.