Jessie Buckley and Bernard Butler share emotive new single ‘The Eagle And The Dove’

The pair have made an album together

Jessie Buckley and Bernard Butler have shared an emotive new collaborative single today, ‘The Eagle And The Dove’ – watch the video for the new song below.

It’s the first preview of a new album that the pair have completed together, ‘For All Our Days That Tear The Heart’, which will arrive on June 10.

The single was the first song the pair wrote together and is named after a book by the interwar proto-feminist writer Vita Sackville-West.


Speaking about the new project, Buckley and Butler said in a joint statement: “The album should be discovered by the world as if they have tripped across a box of photographs in the back of their closet they didn’t know was there.”

Listen to ‘The Eagle And The Dove’ here:

‘For All Our Days That Tear The Heart’ Tracklisting
1 – ‘The Eagle & The Dove’

2 – ‘For All Our Days That Tear The Heart’
3 – ’20 Years A-Growing’
4 – ‘Babylon Days’
5 – ‘Seven Red Rose Tattoos’
6 – ‘Footnotes On The Map’
7 – ‘We’ve Run The Distance’
8 – ‘We Haven’t Spoke About The Weather’
9 – ‘Beautiful Regret’
10 – ‘I Cried Your Tears’
11 – ‘Shallow The Water’
12 – ‘Catch The Dust’

A statement about the collaboration said: “It all started with a FaceTime call from Butler’s North London kitchen to Buckley’s mountaintop residence in County Kerry, with their friendship growing from an unlikely shared love of Killarney and the small island of Valentia where Butler would go on holiday as a boy. A mutual friend had a feeling they might spark.

“Buckley had been listening to ‘Old Wow’ by Sam Lee, produced by Bernard, in the downtime between rehearsals for the National Theatre’s production of Romeo and Juliet. Butler had seen Jessie perform a song on an American chat show in promotion of 2018’s Wild Rose.”


Speaking about hearing Buckley, former Suede guitarist Butler said: “I remember clocking just how much character there was in her voice and how freely she expressed it.”

Butler said of the album: “More than anything, I wanted it to be joyous – properly joyous – because there is such joy in Jessie, there really is. In spite of the darkness and the intensity in these songs, I’m just flying when I listen back to them.”

Buckley added: “Right now, I feel like I’ll never make another album again, because I can’t imagine another album happening the way this one did. It’s amazing that it even happened once. This obscure, organic, odd little thing that just found us.”

The pair will also debut at a live show on May 8 at Green Note in London. Tickets for this are available by pre-ordering the album here.

Butler has also recently worked with the likes of Roxanne de Bastion and Catherine Anne Davies aka The Anchoress on collaborative albums.

Buckley was recently nominated for a Best Supporting Actress Oscar for her performance in The Lost Daughter.

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