Jimmy Fallon praises Yung Raja’s song ‘Mami’: “We loved that jam!”

The late-night host had roasted the Singaporean rapper's single in a 'Tonight Show' segment called "Do Not Play"

Jimmy Fallon has further praised ‘Mami’, the song by Singaporean rapper Yung Raja that the late-night host recently featured on The Tonight Show.

Yesterday (July 13), the Tonight Show account shared a snippet of Fallon lightheartedly roasting ‘Mami’ as part of the segment “Do Not Play”, in which the host and his staff on the show mock songs they think viewers should avoid.

Raja was over the moon about being featured on the Tonight Show, telling NME that it was “insane”. Earlier today (July 14) the rapper shared an exchange he had with Fallon over Twitter direct messages, in which the host told him he and his house band The Roots “loved” the song.


“We loved that jam!” Fallon wrote to the rapper. “[The] Roots and I played it out to break. Congrats on all and I hope you are safe and sound.” Fallon has also followed the rapper back on Twitter. Yung Raja shared the brief exchange with several mindblown emojis:

Fallon told Raja that after the bit, which was where the circulated clip ended, The Roots played out to a commercial break covering the song. The full episode shows the band’s frontman Black Thought rapping the song’s hook, which the rapper has shared in a clip on Instagram:


In the original clip, Fallon mocked the single artwork, which shows Raja lounging in a bathtub with a sweatshirt on. He played a snippet of the song’s main hook, visibly looking annoyed by the rapper’s repetition of the word “Mami”.


Raja took the segment in good spirits – he tweeted the clip, telling Fallon, “Thank you for this moment!” – and many local and regional artists, including Charlie Lim, Gentle Bones and Ramengvrl, congratulated him on the shoutout.

But some users on social media, including Twitter and TikTok, were not so enthused by how Fallon appeared to mock Yung Raja and his music in the segment.

Raja’s labelmate and fellow rapper Fariz Jabba also jokingly chimed in, tweeting “Walao Jimmy don’t like that ah”.

See some reactions below: