Jimmy Fallon roasts Yung Raja’s single ‘Mami’ on ‘The Tonight Show’

The late-night host featured the Singaporean rapper's song on the show's "Do Not Play" segment

The Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon recently singled out Yung Raja’s single ‘Mami’ as part of the show’s segment, “Do Not Play”.

In the episode, which was aired on US television last night (July 12), the comedian brought up ‘Mami’ in the segment, where he roasts songs that he encourages viewers to avoid.

Fallon took note of the single artwork, where the Singaporean rapper lounges in a bathtub while wearing a white sweatshirt, wondering aloud why Raja placed himself in that spot, instead of anywhere else in the hotel room.


“Sometimes you go, look, you pay $25, you sleep in a tub,” Fallon joked, “So maybe [that’s why] the picture was taken there.”

Fallon then cues the song’s main hook, where the rapper repeats the song title continuously. Fallon appeared bemused by the hook, though Questlove, drummer for The Tonight Show house band The Roots, was shown grooving to the beat, which was produced by Raja’s frequent collaborator Flightsch.

“Now that’s how you write a song right there,” Fallon said sarcastically after the snippet.

Watch the clip below, which was released by the show with an emphatic warning: “Do Not Play ‘Mami’”.


Yung Raja released ‘Mami’ in March. His debut release for his US label Alamo Records, it was the rapper’s first single of 2021.

“This is insane,” Raja told NME. “This is a win for all Southeast Asian and bilingual artistes. I’m so grateful in this moment to my family and my team. Praise God.”

Raja also shared the clip on Instagram with the caption: “i think [Jimmy Fallon] isn’t a big fan of mami BUT HELLO WE MADE IT TO THE TONIGHT SHOW”. He also added, “Questlove do be vibin tho”.

Fallon’s “Do Not Play” segment has been running since 2015, with the host picking out mainly novelty songs for ridicule. Viewers are encouraged to send in song submissions via email. In 2017, Fallon selected Kirin J Callinan’s ‘Big Enough’, which drew a heated response from the Australian artist in a since-deleted Instagram post.