Joe Flizzow drops introspective ‘Satu Malam Di Temasek’ music video featuring SonaOne

The single is a "cautionary tale about the pitfalls of every man's journey to stardom"

Malaysian rap mogul Joe Flizzow has released the music video for his most recent single ‘Satu Malam Di Temasek’ featuring SonaOne.

In the music video, a team of undertakers can be seen preparing a grave as SonaOne raps in what could be the halls of a government hospital in Malaysia. Flizzow himself appears to be introspective, going over his material possessions as well as conducting prayers and immersing himself in a ‘final bath’ before rapping in the finished grave.

“Kalau luar ada Ghost depan pintu / Mungkin ku tinggal rumah berhantu / Dulu selalu pegang besi yang berkarat / Sekarang jari manis ada 6 karat,” Flizzow raps: “If there’s a ghost outside the door/ Maybe I live in a haunted house / Used to hold rusty steel / Now my little finger has a 6 carat.”


Watch the music video for ‘Satu Malam Di Temasek’ below.

In a statement to New Straits Times, Flizzow explained that the single was “not just my life story told in music form, but also a cautionary tale about the pitfalls of every man’s journey to stardom,” adding that the single also presented several social critiques of Malaysian society. “A key lesson we can learn from the song and its lyrics is that nothing that we pursue in this world lasts forever,” he concluded.

The single is also Flizzow’s first release of the year, having previously collaborated with Snoop Dogg on the Johor Darul Ta’zim state football team theme song ‘Pioneers’ in March following a spot on ‘Fade to Black’, a tribute to late SlapShock vocalist Jamir Garcia by Project E.A.R.

In February, Flizzow appeared on Malaysian singer Naim Daniel‘s single ‘Habis Sini’. Speaking to NME earlier this year about his debut album ‘Fobia’, Daniel shared that Flizzow and SonaOne had guided him in the art of hip-hop collaborations for the single by inviting him to the studio, where they worked on the track with him.