Joe Flizzow reacts after lookalike goes viral in road rage video

"That bald uncle is not me!"

Joe Flizzow has responded to a recent viral video of a road rage incident featuring a man many on Malaysian social media said bore a strong resemblance to the rapper.

Footage of the incident circulated on Malaysian Twitter on Sunday (April 18). Video posted by the account of Jabatan Netizen Malaysia show an agitated bald man in sunglasses and three accomplices breaking the window of a Perodua Myvi car before getting into an altercation with the man behind the camera.

Watch the incident below.


After the post made rounds, some netizens quipped that the hairless assailant resembled a “cheaper” or “budget” version of Joe Flizzow, with some joking that the man in the video was a version of the rapper from the thrift store Econsave.


The day after the video went viral, Flizzow took to social media to clear the air. The video he shared on Twitter on Monday (April 19) showed him in the backseat of the cart, lip-syncing to his hit song ‘Satu Kali’ (‘One Time’): “I want you to listen / Only once / One Time / Could I?”

The Def Jam Southeast Asia managing director then made things clear once and for all, saying: “That bald uncle is not me!”

On a more serious note, police issued a statement on April 19 saying the incident took place in the port city of Klang on Sunday at around 4.30pm.

South Klang police district chief ACP Shamsul Amar Ramli said the assailants in the white Honda Civic had rear-ended the Perodua Myvi occupied by the driver and his cousin. Shamsul said that apart from attacking the car, the men had dragged the driver from his car and assaulted him with a stick before running off with the cousin’s phone.

The men were arrested and found to have tested positive for drugs, the statement read. Shamsul said the case was being investigated under sections 394 and 427 of the Penal Code for causing hurt and committing robbery.

Earlier this month, Flizzow featured on Hong Kong rapper Dough-Boy’s third full-length album ‘Power’, alongside Lil Yachty and more. In January, he teamed up with K-Clique’s MK and Jay Park on the highly anticipated single ‘Ciao’.