Joe Flizzow, SYA, Airliftz rap on Malaysian remix of A. Nayaka and SonaOne’s ‘Orang Lain’

Following the release of a Filipino remix featuring rappers Fateeha and Tiffany Lhei

Rappers Joe Flizzow, SYA, Airliftz, Yonnyboii, Zynakal, and Senna have collaborated on an all-Malaysian remix of Indonesian rapper’s A. Nayaka’s song ‘Orang Lain’.

The remix arrived on streaming platforms today (Friday, July 23), and sees the Malaysian rappers breathe new life into Nayaka and SonaOne’s May single, which also originally featured Singaporean rapper YHB Sleepsalot.

Listen to the remix below.


For the remix, SonaOne – who produced the original track – reworked its beat according to “energy patters”, he revealed in a press release. “Each of them has a different energy and a different melodic approach. For example, Joe Flizzow, his style is more confident, smooth, with heavy tones.”

SonaOne continued: “Then, we have SYA who loves to sing and rap at the same time. So, I balanced all that energy into the song where everyone has their own bars while injecting my own personal touch”.

Def Jam Southeast Asia managing director Flizzow was effusive about the resulting collaboration, calling the remix his “favorrite song”. “To me, the strength of this song lies in its interesting basic bars as they remind me of the hip-hop songs in the 1990s era,” he said.

“But the melodies, the sounds of the drums, vocals and lineup of the collaborating artists are very up-to-date.”


The original version of ‘Orang Lain’ arrived in May. Following the release of the track, the Orang Lain Freestyle Challenge was launched on TikTok, with the platform’s users submitting their own verses for the track.

The new Malaysian remix follows the release of a Filipino remix, featuring rappers Fateeha and Tiffany Lhei, earlier this month.

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