Joe Flizzow to give free English language lessons via education app

The Malaysian rapper is now Cikgu Joe

Malaysian rapper Joe Flizzow has been tapped to give English language lessons through a new education app.

According to The Star, the rapper revealed last week that he will teach English and pronunciation in free lessons through the app SOLS Edu by Malaysian humanitarian organisation SOLS 24/7.

“This course is for anyone who is new to English or with low English language proficiency,” the official SOLS Edu website says. “Learn how to communicate in English at work and in everyday life with Cikgu Joe. ”


Watch a teaser of his lessons below.

The new app, founded by educationist and teacher Raj Ridvan Singh, launched last week on October 26.

“It’s a course that is accessible to anyone and the most exciting thing that I’d like to share is that it’s completely free and has no hidden charges,” Flizzow said.

Asked what compelled him to teach English, Flizzow reportedly revealed that his late father was once unable to speak English and even failed his secondary school examinations. But he eventually learned the language that helped build a better life for his family, the rapper said.

Flizzow’s father, the late Ishak Nengah, went on to become a veteran media personality who had stints as a journalist at Malaysian English daily the New Straits Times and as a broadcasting assistant at the BBC in London in the ’80s.


“If I can help one person, 10 people, or a million kids out there… I hope it would improve their chances and build a better life,” Flizzow said.

The rapper adds that he will use the Malay language to aid in teaching English as he thinks it will be effective.

“When I was approached by Teacher Raj, I was taken aback when I found out that the teaching methods in schools did not permit the English language to be taught in Bahasa Malaysia,” he commented.

In August, Flizzow teamed up with rappers Hullera and Bunga in the collaborative track ‘Kena Check’. In June, he also jumped on a Def Jam Malaysia remix of A. Nayaka’s ‘Orang Lain’, and kicked off his year with ‘Ciao’ featuring Jay Park and MK.