Joe Flizzow unleashes slick music video for ‘Ciao’ featuring Jay Park and K-Clique’s MK

A blockbuster collaboration

Malaysian rappers Joe Flizzow and K-Clique’s MK have teamed up with Jay Park on the highly anticipated single ‘Ciao’ – which now has a slick music video.

The track, produced by Singaporean hip hop artist ALYPH and co-produced by Malaysia’s SonaOne, dropped last Friday (January 22). A music video, which premiered that night, features the trio rapping alongside vehicles under moody lighting.

Watch the ‘Ciao’ video here:


Flizzow – real name Johan Ishak – had previously told Harian Metro that ‘Ciao’ would be more colloquial and less serious in tone than his last single, ‘KUASA’.

“For instance, compared to my song ‘KUASA’ previously, the lyrics saw more formal Malay. However, in ‘Ciao’, I have evolved to ensure the lyrics were closer to common language with the latest local slang,” he told the publication.

“To stay relevant, we have to use language that is more current and not neglect street slang.”



Flizzow also said the song was a “special” creation as it brought together rappers from different generations. It’s a collaboration with 28-year-old MK, who fronts rap group K-Clique, and the 33-year-old Korean-American artist Park.

Flizzow also said all artists in the new song recorded their parts separately, with MK in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, and Park recording abroad. Despite the distance, the song was completed within the span of a few days amid the COVD-19 pandemic.

Flizzow has collaborated with Park in the past, appearing on the song ‘Twisted Dreams’ from the latter artist’s 2019 album ‘The Road Less Traveled’.

“Jay Park and I have known each other for a long time and we’re close. In the hip-hop community, we always exchange songs. He had also asked me to collaborate in his albums,” Flizzow said.

“So now is the time for me to invite him [to collaborate] since many of my fans only know him as a singer. But at the root of it, as a rapper, he is formidable.”

‘Ciao’ was released on Def Jam Southeast Asia, the regional offshoot of the hip hop label that Flizzow helms as managing director.

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