Joe Million and Indra Menus share new collaboration, ‘Das Kapital’

The Indonesian rapper and noise musician team up once again

Indonesian hip-hop artist Joe Million and noise musician Indra Menus have released a new track, ‘Das Kapital’.

The duo had previously collaborated on two projects, ‘Joe Million Indramenus’ in 2018 and ‘Joe Million & Indra Menus’ in 2019, and are readying a third one titled ‘Taklimat Eskatologi’.

‘Das Kapital’ is one of four tracks on the project, which also had assistance from AMI Awards 2020 nominee and producer Mahamboro on the recording, mixing and mastering front.


On May 29, the duo released the lyric video for ‘Das Kapital’ on YouTube. It features the duo riding around the south square of Yogyakarta in an odong-odong (a three-wheeled Indonesian vehicle) brightly lit with psychedelic lights. Watch it here:

Per Pop Hari Ini, Indra Menus – a founding member of the Jogja Noise Bombing collective – said that this project marked the first time he used samples of sounds from real life, including grinding ceramic cutters, collapsing walls and gunfire. That was on top of tape loops, analogue drum machines, cassette players and analog synthesizers.

Meanwhile, Million’s lyrics revolve around apocalyptic themes about the end times.

‘Taklimat Eskatologi’ will be out on Relamati Records and Jogja Noise Bombing in limited quantities of 7-inch vinyl around September. Fans interested in pre-orders should reach out to Relamati Records via email (


Last year, Joe Million released two projects: ‘Nisthura’, a collaboration with Altarlogika and Don Wilco, and his highly anticipated third album ‘Vandal’.