Jogja Hip Hop Foundation return with new single ‘Kecap No. 1’ and four multi-genre remixes

Hear pop rock, keroncong, dangdut and reggae versions by Grrrl Gang, Bravesboy, Ndarboy Genk and Orkes Sinten Remen

Indonesian hip-hop group Jogja Hip Hop Foundation have released first new single in three years, ‘Kecap No. 1’.

The track is the group’s first release since they went on an unannounced hiatus in 2018. ‘Kecap No. 1’ dropped on Friday (March 19) as part of an EP, packaged with four multi-genre remixes by Grrrl Gang, Bravesboy, Ndarboy Genk and Orkes Sinten Remen.

Stream all the tracks below:


All the tracks were released on YouTube, with the original track receiving a music video.  See it below:

The remixes were presented in the form of live performance videos. Watch Grrrl Gang perform their pop rock take on ‘Kecap No. 1’ here in the studio:

Watch Bravesboy bring out the reggae undertones of ‘Kecap No. 1’:


Backed by an eight-piece band under a glitterball, Ndarboy Genk put a dangdut spin on the song:

And Orkes Sinten Remen performed a keroncong version of ‘Kecap No. 1’:

Jogja Hip Hop Foundation first formed in 2003 and are best known for championing the genre in Yogyakarta. The group is best known for tracks such as ‘Jogja Istimewa’, ‘Cintamu Sepahit Topi Miring’ and ‘Song Of Sabdatama’.

Grrrl Gang most recently performed for NME’s Girls To The Front online show for International Women’s Day 2021 alongside acts like LÂLKA, The Buildings and Pyra. Watch the performances here.

Prior to their performance, Grrrl Gang released a new music video for their latest single ‘Honey Baby’. The music video envisions the band touring the United States in 2020 for their scheduled SXSW performance, which was cancelled due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.