Johnny Cash’s music reimagined by Royal Philharmonic Orchestra for new album

The Man In Black gets the orchestral twist.

The music of the late Johnny Cash will be reimagined with an orchestral twist for a new album that is set to later this year.

The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra have recorded their own take on 12 legendary hits from The Man In Black for ‘Johnny Cash and The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra’, which is set to arrive on November 13.

The album sees Cash’s original vocals being complimented by the orchestra, who recorded their new efforts in Abbey Road’s legendary Studio 2.


As well as new takes on hits such as ‘Man In Black’ and ‘Ring of Fire, the album also features lesser-known tracks such as ‘Farther Along’, ‘Flesh and Blood’ and ‘Girl From The North Country’ – his beloved collaboration with Bob Dylan.

Don Reedman, who produced the album alongside Nick Patrick, said: “I believe we have captured the emotion, sensitivity and genuine honesty of Johnny Cash through his story telling and his touching and captivating vocal performances.

“With his unique drama, warmth and tone, the bass baritone voice of this iconic artist Johnny Cash, blends beautifully with the stunning understated symphonic arrangements by the uniquely talented arranger Robin A. Smith and The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra….. Making this album with my co-producer Nick Patrick has been a true labour of love, and I believe we have captured the complete spirit and musical message that makes Johnny Cash such a heart-touching and loved artist, whom we are so honoured to serve in our way.

“Johnny Cash was a man of many emotions and the depth in the songs he sang and the message in those songs strikes a chord in all our hearts.”

Johnny Cash’s son, John Carter Cash, added: “My father, Johnny Cash, was in some ways an orchestra unto himself. His deep rich timbre lent to the rich resonance of French horns and cello. His depth of tone and perfect pitch inspired as deeply as a masterfully conducted symphony.


“But if he were here today and chose to seek an orchestra to support him as the backdrop for the canvas, The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra would be his choice…. I remember when my father introduced me to the RPO. I was around ten years old and he and I went to see three films from the James Bond saga at a festival in New York. When the theme for Goldfinger began, he leaned over to me.

“That’s the finest orchestra in the world, son, he said. ‘That’s the Royal Philharmonic.’…. He knew the music of the RPO. He respected them all throughout his life…. I know my father would be enormously excited to see this new album become a reality.

“I am beyond proud to introduce this masterwork, the essential work of Johnny Cash with the orchestra that he revered and appreciated above all else.”

Check out the tracklisting below.
1. Man In Black
2. Galway Bay
3. Girl From The North Country (Bob Dylan with Johnny Cash)
4. I Came To Believe
5. A Thing Called Love
6. The Loving Gift (with June Carter Cash)
7. I Walk The Line
8. Farther Along (featuring Duane Eddy)
9. Flesh and Blood
10. The Gambler
11. Ring Of Fire
12. Highwayman (The Highwaymen: Willie Nelson, Waylon Jennings, Kris Kristofferson, Johnny Cash)

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