JoJo says cancel culture is “ridiculous”: “We’re so quick to write people off”

The singer recently removed Tory Lanez from her upcoming album due to his high-profile recent altercation with Megan Thee Stallion

JoJo has become the latest artist to give her opinion in the debate over ‘cancel culture’, calling the movement “ridiculous”.

Over the past few months, a host of artists have shared their views on the widespread movement, with 50 Cent, Nick Cave and more voicing criticism.

Speaking on The Kelly Clarkson Show recently, JoJo referenced her 2019 single ‘Joanna’ and said that cancel culture makes fans feel a false sense of ownership over artists. “It’s just like, fans or just people online sometimes refer to me as Joanna. People think they know you,” she said.


“People think that they can draw conclusions and [the song] is less about the media and more about the cancel culture that’s so prevalent right now. Especially on social media. We’re just so quick to write people off.”

JoJo added: “People need to be held accountable for heinous things. Some people, I understand why there’s this quickness to [try and ‘cancel’ them], but when it comes to saying someone’s peaked or they’re done, their career is over because you haven’t seen them in a few months or a few years, that’s just so ridiculous to me.

“So, that’s kinda what the song is about. Everybody’s just one moment away from redemption or evolution… You can’t write anybody off and I’m lowkey a prime example of that.”

50 Cent also recently shared his views on the topic, saying that the “biggest target” of cancel culture is “heterosexual males in general”. “I don’t believe I can be cancelled. They gotta go to jail to get canceled, they gotta shoot a girl,” he added, appearing to reference Megan Thee Stallion’s recent claim that Tory Lanez shot her in both feet in an incident earlier this year.


Last week, JoJo confirmed that she has removed Tory Lanez from the deluxe version of her new album following the incident. “Def took him TF off (sic),” she tweeted on Friday (August 21) in reply to a fan asking if Lanez would remain on the new release.