Jon Chua JX releases new single ‘The Intro’ with Julia Duclos

The Sam Willows member sheds his past pop sound for electronic-inflected R&B

Singaporean singer-songwriter and producer Jon Chua JX has released his third single, ‘The Intro’, featuring rising Malaysian singer Julia Duclos.

The track sees Chua step away from the pop sounds that he and his group The Sam Willows are known for. Instead, his latest offering experiments with the R&B sound that he touched on in his previous release, ‘Give It Back’, and dabbles with heavy electronic synths and trap snares.

Listen to ‘The Intro’ below.



With the inclusion of Duclos on the track, listeners are offered two perspectives on the same story. According to press materials, the narrative of ‘The Intro’ is about Chua’s past experiences and chronicles a relationship that quickly fades after the honeymoon phase is over.

Jon Chua JX made his debut in Singapore’s music scene in 2012 with pop group The Sam Willows. The four-piece group, which announced their hiatus in 2018, had released two studio albums, and are often regarded as one of the biggest acts in Singapore, having sold out their debut solo concert at The Coliseum.

Chua also has his own music production studio, Zendyll Records, which recently collaborated with the the National Youth Council of Singapore for the Majulah Weekender series.


Chua is also scheduled to perform for the Majulah Live virtual concert alongside Aisyah Aziz, Fauxe and more on November 22.

Chua’s bandmates in The Sam Willows have also released their own solo material since the start of their hiatus in 2018. Earlier this year, Sandra Riley Tang dropped ‘Alpha’, her first solo EP under the moniker RRILEY. NME rated the project three stars, describing it as “a confident, frothy debut that hints at pop star potential”.