Watch Jon Hamm get lost in the music in Eels’ new video for ‘Are We Alright Again’

The 'Mad Men' star "finds solace in Eels' music" in the clip — all while a robbery takes place behind him

Eels have shared the new video for their song ‘Are We Alright Again’, starring Mad Men lead Jon Hamm — check it out below.

The track features on Eels’ new album ‘Earth To Dora’, which is the Mark Oliver ‘E’ Everett-led band’s first LP since 2018’s ‘The Deconstruction’.

Celebrating the release of ‘Earth To Dora’, Eels have today (November 11) shared the video for ‘Are We Alright Again’, which they’ve described as “the feel-good hit of the feel-worst year”.


Starring Hamm as “a typical Eels fan finding solace in Eels’ music”, the Greg Barnes-directed one-take video features the actor getting lost in the music — so much so that he become oblivious to a robbery that is taking place directly behind him.

Speaking about the video, which you can watch above, ‘E’ said: “We could all use a little comfort from the past year.

“Perhaps this song can provide a little for you like it does for the guy in this video.”

Speaking to NME about ‘Earth To Dora’ back in September, ‘E’ explained that ‘Are We Alright Again’ was the only track on the album that was written during the coronavirus pandemic.


“All the other songs came about before the pandemic, that’s the only one that was done after the pandemic, in the early days when it was really getting bad for the first time,” he said. “It’s kind of like a quarantine daydream that I desperately needed to have. It’s my fantasy of ‘Oh, it’s all over and now we can go out and do stuff!’

“It got a little extreme in my case, I’d go out and get high with birds and there’s a marching band marching through the middle of the outro.

“I couldn’t wait to try to make people feel a little more hopeful for the future. There’s no time to wait.”

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