JRLDM shares ‘Biktima’, a new single “inspired by the current social landscape” of the Philippines

'Biktima' is the rapper's first new material since the release of his debut album ‘Mood Swing’ in April

Rapper JRLDM has released a new single titled ‘Biktima’ (‘Victim’) that he says is inspired by the “current social landscape” of his native Philippines.

The laid-back twang of plucked guitar strings, played by Vie Dela Rosa of the band Dilaw, forms the foundation of the track’s minimal instrumentation. Meanwhile, JRLDM ruminates on anxiety.

Mga material gawa ng sistemang di maka bura / Ng akin mali mas lalo lang napadali”, he raps, “Materials produced by the system cannot be destroyed / My own wrongs make it easier to forget,” concluding, “Di ko naman to gusto lahat tayo ay biktima” – “I don’t want all of us to be victims”.


Listen to JRLDM’s ‘Biktima’, released June 17, below.

JRLDM recently spoke to Scout Magazine about a new approach to songwriting that manifests in the new single. “I can still create heavy vibes without forcing myself,” he explained. “Like in ‘Biktima’, it’s heavy vibes but more chill. So I’m smarter with the way and process of making it. I don’t have to force myself. The weight is still there, but the process is not a hassle.”

‘Biktima’ is JRLDM’s first new material since the release of his debut album ‘Mood Swing’ on April 22. The nine-track album explores the Filipino rapper’s mental state as he deals with “mental and emotional turmoil, alcohol-tinged tragedies, and un-mended relationships with a distant paramour”, and garnered a four-star review from NME.

In an interview with NME last year, JRLDM spoke about why he makes ‘dark’ music. “I wanted to make sad songs because I like sad songs,” he said. “I find myself drawn to heavier emotions and instrumentals. I think that’s because it’s who I really am.

“I think today’s listeners – especially the Gen Z – are smart enough to know that I’m not glorifying suicide, but bringing awareness to what’s going on underneath.”


The rapper – real name Jerald Mallari – began his music career in 2020 with his debut four-track EP ‘Look MOM I’m Flying’. It featured the track ‘Patiwakal’ (‘Suicide’), whose stark music video went viral and currently stands at over 3million views on YouTube.