Julien Baker shares emotive new single ‘Guthrie’ and announces ‘B-Sides’ EP

The EP’s three songs were tracked during the sessions for her recent ‘Little Oblivions’ album

Julien Baker has announced a three-track EP of outtakes from her recent third album, ‘Little Oblivions’, alongside the release of an emotive new single titled ‘Guthrie’.

The EP, titled ‘B-Sides’, will arrive on July 21 via Matador (pre-save it here), coinciding with the first date of her joint US tour with Angel Olsen and Sharon Van Etten.

The record features three songs that were recorded during the studio sessions for ‘Little Oblivions’ but didn’t make the cut for the album’s final tracklist. Despite not suiting the album, though, Baker said on Instagram that she “really like[s ‘Guthrie’] in its own right”.


Listen to ‘Guthrie’ below, then check out the cover art and tracklist for the ‘B-Sides’ EP:

‘B-Sides’ EP tracklist:

01. ‘Guthrie’
02. ‘Vanishing Point’
03. ‘Mental Math’

‘Little Oblivions’ was released last February and earned a four-star review from NME.


In the year-and-a-half since then Baker has shared collaborations with the likes of Fucked Up and The Ophelias, and contributed to a compilation album to raise money for the National Network of Abortion Funds.

She’s also released a ‘Little Oblivions’ remix EP, covered a Smashing Pumpkins song for a seven-inch split with Van Etten, and teamed up with Tom Morello and Nandi Bushell for the Afghan charity single ‘God Help Us All’. Last July, too, she re-recorded the ‘Little Oblivions’ song ‘Faith Healer’ in Simlish.

Speaking to NME upon its release, Baker noted that ‘Little Oblivions’ chronicled a monumental turning point in how she approached the creative process, by proxy of changes in her personal life.

“In the year over which I made this record,” she said, “I had to unlearn the idea of recovery being linear, or quantifiable, or something that you did out of principle, that was just a moral achievement.

“With my previous two records, the idea I had was a little bit more idealistic. And for my own sanity, I chose to apply this narrative to all the obstacles and struggles and pain in my life, to help me assign meaning to pain… you know, what human beings have been trying to do since the dawn of time!”

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