Justin Park on getting support from BTS’ Jungkook: “I literally cried”

The K-pop idol shared that he was listening to Park's 2018 track 'On the Low' last December

Korean-American singer Justin Park recently talked about what it was like for his music to be recognised by BTS member Jungkook.

Last December, the BTS member shared that he was listening to Park’s 2018 track ‘On the Low’ through Instagram Stories. Park later shared a screenshot of the story with the caption “YOOOO JUNG KOOK from @bts_bighit @BTS_twt JUST SHARED MY SONG ‘On the Low’ LETS GOOOOOO.”


“I’ve witnessed Jung Kooks power… @bts_bighit and BTS ARMY. We understand,” the singer tweeted after his initial announcement, following an uptick in the track’s streaming numbers.

In a recent interview with Bandwagon, Park opened up about what it meant to get support from the BTS member and his reaction to that moment. “I mean anyone can imagine what my reaction was, but I’m telling you it was far more intense than what you think,” Park shared. “I literally cried. I laugh-cried, if that makes sense.”

Park added that he tried to share the good news to close friends and family as soon as he chanced upon Jungkook’s story at 4am, but that no one was awake to share the moment with him. “I literally couldn’t contain myself, so I just stayed up all night working on my socials making sure that everyone knew that this just happened because I was so damn proud,” he said.

Jungkook, along with his fellow BTS bandmates, recently clinched the IFPI Global Recording Artist Of The Year for 2021, beating out Adele and Taylor Swift. This accolade makes them the first artist to win the Global Recording Artist Of The Year two years in a row, having first won the title in 2020.

“We are truly honoured to receive the IFPI Global Recording Artist Of The Year award,” said leader RM. “We heard this is the first time ever any artist received [the] Artist Of The Year two years in a row, so we feel blessed for such a significant title.”

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