‘Kagome’ rapper Lo Ki releases music video for follow-up single ‘Manifest’

The Filipino rapper's previous viral single 'Kagome' has garnered over 21million views on YouTube so far

Filipino rapper Lo Ki of ‘Kagome’ fame has released the music video for his most recent single, ‘Manifest’.

Arriving a month after the rapper released the single on streaming platforms in late April, the music video is a fevered gangsta rap dream, with dizzying shots and a menacing-looking cityscape.

Meanwhile, Lo Ki raps about being savvy when choosing your friends: “Ako ay may espiritu ng Shaman na may kalahating Super Saiyan / Pwede ring maging Mathematician na may kaunting alam sa Science / Mga peke kong kaibigan, ‘di rin tumagal ay pinalayas”: “I have a Shaman spirit that’s half Super Saiyan‎ / I ‎can be a Mathematician with a little bit of scientific knowledge‎ / Of how to choose my friends, but it didn’t take long to be driven out‎”.


Watch the music video for Lo Ki’s ‘Manifest’ below.

‘Manifest’ is Lo Ki’s follow-up to the single ‘Kagome’, which has reached over 21million views on YouTube since being released in December last year. The single, which sees Lo Ki struggling to move on from a soured relationship, went viral on TikTok as part of a lip sync challenge earlier this year.

‘Kagome’s popularity has seen several YouTube musicians covering the single, and Lo Ki himself even shared an acoustic take on ‘Kagome’ for the stripped-down music series The Lonelilly Sessions.

Lo Ki first debuted in 2018 with his single ‘ATBP’, which became a small hit with the rapper earning over 3million streams of the song shortly after release. He has released a total of eight singles so far.