Previously unreleased clip shows Kanye West arguing on set of ‘Slow Jamz’ video

"Y'all are forcing me to be the asshole"

A previously unreleased clip shows Kanye West arguing about the creative direction of the music video for his Twista and Jamie Foxx collaboration ‘Slow Jamz’.

The footage – cut from the final version of Netflix‘s jeen-yuhs documentary but shared by TIME earlier today – shows West struggling to maintain control during the shoot, which TIME said was “plagued by creative differences, logistical problems, and financial limitations”.

“The whole point is, Jamie Foxx comes up and puts the record on this record player that I begged for yesterday,” Ye explains. “I’m going to keep repeating myself over and over. Y’all are forcing me to be the asshole.”


Tension continues on set, with West at one point declaring he was “spazzing”. The record player scene he describes to the crew earlier in the footage did not make it into the music video’s final cut. Watch the footage below:

The clip comes after the second episode of the three-part jeen-yuhs contained footage of West and Foxx recording ‘Slow Jamz’ at the latter’s home studio. The song would feature on both Twista’s ‘Kamikaze’ album and Ye’s ‘The College Dropout’, both of which were released in 2004.

Earlier this week, West and Foxx reunited in person. The meeting was streamed live on West’s Instagram, where the pair hinted they could have another collaborative project on the way. In addition to ‘Slow Jamz’, Foxx also featured heavily on Ye’s ‘Late Registration’ cut ‘Gold Digger’.

The third instalment of jeen-yuhs is set to arrive on Netflix tomorrow (March 2). Last month, directors Clarence ‘Coodie’ Simmons and Chike Ozah discussed denying West’s request that he “must get final edit and approval” on the documentary prior to its release.


“For us, as filmmakers, the name of our company is Creative Control, so, there are just certain rules in documentary filmmaking for it to be authentic,” Ozah told Business Insider. “And for it to resonate, people need to see certain things.

“So sometimes it’s just not best for the filmmaking for the subject, who the film is largely about, to have control over the direction the story goes in,” Ozah added, noting that “obviously, the input of Kanye’s team has always been welcome and we’re out to make the best documentary possible”.

Last month, West released latest album ‘Donda 2’. He made it exclusively available to stream via his $US200 Stem Player device, following a listening party and live performance in Miami.

Earlier this week, West shared photos of himself in the studio with Baltimore dream-pop duo Beach House, suggesting that a collaboration between the two may be on the way.

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