Kanye West vows to “cure homelessness and hunger” if elected as US president

"We have the capability as a species"

Kanye West has vowed to “cure homelessness and hunger” should he be elected as the 46th US president in tonight’s election (November 3).

The rapper’s only chance of taking office in the White House in 2020 is if he is voted in by a substantial write-in campaign after he was removed from the ballot in several states.

Despite facing an uphill battle in his bid to become POTUS, however, West is continuing with his campaign by posting various videos and messages in which he’s set out his vision for America’s future.


During the early hours of this morning, the star tweeted: “We will cure hunger. There are people sleeping in parking lots.” In a follow-up post, West said: “We as a people will heal. We will insure [sic] the well being of each other.”

He added: “I was just speaking with someone that told me their life story and they used to be homeless. We must and will cure homelessness and hunger We have the capability as a species.

“I hear people say … this person is cool and this person is not cool… people are cool… man has never invented anything as awesome as a an actual person but sometimes we value the objects we create over life itself.”


You can see the thread of tweets above.

Last week (October 30), West took out a two-page advert in the New York Times in which he looked to a “better America”.

“Dear Future, I still believe in you,” he wrote in the open letter. “We still believe in you.” In his imagined future, the rapper added “we will H.E.A.L.” and “hold everyone accountable to love”.

The rapper also shared a campaign video captioned “We will heal”, which was made up of clips from his recent Joe Rogan interview. “There couldn’t be a better time to put a visionary in the captain’s chair,” he told the host. “I believe that my calling is to be the leader of the free world.”

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