Former KARA members reunite to celebrate 14th debut anniversary

The group disbanded after a decade-long career in 2016

Some former members of KARA recently reunited to celebrate the group’s 14th debut anniversary.

On April 8, the group’s leader Gyuri shared photos from their recent get together on Instagram. It featured three founding KARA members, Gyuri, Nicole and Seungyeon, as well as Jiyoung who joined in 2008, posing in front of a cake.

“A few days ago, we gathered to celebrate KARA’s 14th debut anniversary. A time that meant more to us as time went by. Thank you Jiyoung, who prepared flowers and cake as a surprise gift for us,” she wrote.



“How nice it have been if Hara was there,” a fan commented, referring to the late KARA member Goo Hara who passed away in November 2019.

“Let’s just pretend that Hara was not able to come because it’s against pandemic guidelines for more than 4 people to gather,” Gyuri responded, as translated by Allkpop.

KARA debuted as a quartet on March 29, 2007 with the single ‘Break it’ from their first album, ‘The Blooming’. They had several lineup changes throughout their career and disbanded in 2016, when three of its four remaining members chose not to renew their contracts with DSP Media.


KARA achieved great commercial success during their career, releasing hits such as ‘Mister’, ‘Step’ and ‘Pandora’. They were also the best-selling K-pop girl group in Japan until TWICE broke their sales record last month.