KARD’s BM says upcoming single ‘Broken Me’ channels his internal struggles

The forthcoming solo project is set to drop on June 9

BM, member of co-ed K-pop group KARD, has shared that this upcoming solo single ‘Broken Me’ will be a reflection of his internal struggles.

While BM has already been experimenting with his personal music style with tracks such as ‘Better Myself’ and ‘Bad Manners’, ‘Broken Me’ presents a different, intimate perspective of the singer, he said in an interview with Pinkvilla.

“I feel like listeners and fans, when they listen to it, if they’re also at a similar place in a point of time in their lives at the moment, I just hope it gives them a little hope to get out of it, smooth, nicely,” BM shared“Like I said before, how every challenge is a gift, when they’re out of it, I hope that they can consider that those challenges that they faced were a gift to become a stronger person, mentally and physically and emotionally.”


The forthcoming track’s accompanying music video is also set embody this message, with BM giving credit to Korean production house 8PEX for pitching ‘Broken Me’ as the soundtrack to a short film and filming the music video. “Everyone was like, hey it fits in so well with the concept, it fits in so well with what they want to portray, being that it is also about internal struggles as well,” BM said.

The latest teaser for the track dropped yesterday (June 1) via KARD’s official Twitter, featuring the singer walking through a neon-lit alley, belting out the line, “I don’t wanna be broken”, as he punches a mirror.

Last week, the singer shared details about ‘Broken Me’ during an interview with Popwrapped. “‘Broken Me’ is only the start, but a strong start [that will] be able to showcase a different side of me no one has ever seen,” he said.

The singer also shared that the track is about “fighting a war” with oneself. “‘Broken Me’ is a story of being able to overcome those endeavours and fighting through all those wars within [the journey of life],” BM explained


BM made his debut as part of KARD in July 2017 with their EP ‘Hola Hola’. The group have since released four EPs and a handful of singles, including their latest hit single ‘Gunshot’. In recent months, the quartet have been performing as a three-piece group after member J.Seph enlisted for mandatory military service in October 2020.