KAV Project launch debut single ‘Setengah Mati’

The side project of Nidji bassist Andro Regantoro

Nidji bassist Andro Regantoro has launched the first single from his new band KAV Project, the emotional ballad ‘Setengah Mati’, or ‘Half Dead’.

Regantoro and singer Kavenda released KAV Project’s ‘Setengah Mati’ on June 3 on major streaming platforms alongside a music video, telling the story of a person desperately missing their loved one with the lyrics “Setengah mati ku rindukan mu, setengah mati tuk melupakan mu”: “Half dead missing you, half dead trying to forget you.”

Watch the music video for KAV Project’s ‘Setengah Mati’ below.


“We wanted to share the feelings of someone who feels half-dead when they miss a person or thing that they love,” Regantoro explained in a statement to Detik, while Kavenda shared that the duo were inspired by the feelings of separation they felt during the pandemic, saying, ‎”Yes, and it will indeed feel relatable for a lot of people, especially for those who are still stricken with longing.”

The duo self-produced, mixed and mastered the single with the help of filmmaker and producer Jami.

Nidji’s last release came in the form of their 2020 single ‘Abu-Abu’ following a string of singles that represented that band’s first material since the departure of founding vocalist Giring Ganesha in 2017 to pursue a political career. The band announced former Indonesian Idol contestant Yusuf Ubay as their new vocalist in 2019 before going on to contribute the track ‘Segitiga Cinta’ to the soundtrack of the motion picture Anthologi Rasa.

The band has released five studio albums since their formation in 2002, with 2017’s ‘Love, Fake & Friendship’ being the last full length effort from Nidji.