Kean Cipriano confirms he has left Callalily: “I’m moving on”

The news comes weeks after it was reported that the Filipino band had changed their name to simply Lily and would hold auditions for a new vocalist

Kean Cipriano, longtime frontman of Filipino pop-rock group Callalily, has announced his departure from the band after nearly 20 years.

According to a report by ABS-CBN News, when asked if his Callalily bandmates would be joining his label OC Records, Cipriano replied: “Callalily is done. I’m moving on, I’ve moved on, moving forward and I wish them all the best.”

The musician and actor said that he hopes the band find a new frontman. “Callalily is done and can do whatever they want to do,” he added. “I mean, that’s really the point of it, but we’re all going to go back 10 years and we’ll be grateful to each other and say that this was a good call, right? As we grow up, we’re different now,‎ but I really wish them well.”


Cipriano also closed the door on the possibility of a reunion with the band down the line, stating, “I’m not going back to ‘dating’ Callalily.”

The news of Cipriano’s departure from the band comes weeks after it was first reported that Callalily had changed their name to simply Lily and were on the hunt for a new vocalist. Those reports did not mention Cipriano or discuss his future with the band

“We’re looking for a new singer to front the band on the stage, and together, we will share a new set of interesting stories and experiences through our music,” commented guitarist Alden Acosta. “Ever since we started, we’ve wanted to echo our audience’s feelings and emotions. And that is what we’re going to continue.”

Yesterday, the company Lx2 Entertainment revealed that Lily will audition vocalists at several malls in the Philippines throughout July and August – see the dates and locations below.

The band’s last release as Callalily came in the form of their 2021 collaborative single ‘Bahala Na’ with fellow pop-rockers This Band. It was the first collaboration between the two Filipino acts and followed the single ‘Ilaw’ earlier in January that year.


Callalily rose to fame in 2005, and are best known for their hits such as ‘Magbalik’ and ‘Pasan’. The five-piece went through several line-up changes throughout their career. The band are now composed of Alden Acosta, Nathan Reyes, Lem Belaro, and Aaron Ricafrente.

Cipriano founded O/C Records in 2018, and released his debut solo single ‘Eye Contact’ on the label a year later. Last year, he released his first solo album, ‘Childlike’.